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Mobile Apps

Apps running on different platforms. 

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Draw your future

An application that includes all university majors for students who are on the university stage. The application also enables you to learn about the different universities and their locations

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eEventti is an application designed specifically for those who want to follow events. The application combines audience with event publishers.Through the application the audience can can know the full details and location of the events, and they can follow different types of events!

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Hakiem connect you with various medical consultations, You can access the doctor you want through a application  or Hakiem bot, Sign up and ask for any help and you'll find the answer from the best specialists.


ERP Systems

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HelpDesk System

Manage customer call center and tickets management for business maintenance and follow up.


Clinic System

Integrated hospital and clinic management system

You can keep track of all operations that are done with great ease and clarity.

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